Are Ikea's Trådfri lights supported?

Flix4fFlix4f Member Posts: 1


On the Conrad Connect homepage under supported devices is a section called "Accessible through our partners". In there Ikea is mentioned and the link goes to their Trådfri products. But I can't seem to find a way to integrate their products.
Is there anyone who knows if and how to do this?


  • John_KJohn_K Member Posts: 2

    I've got the same case and question, but then about the Trust Smart Home system.

  • GiorgiGiorgi Member Posts: 25

    This is what the help center says on the website about this:

    "If and when the IKEA gateway will be integrated has not been decided yet.

    Currently you can use IKEA TRÅDFRI bulbs with Conrad Connect via Zipato Zipatile or Zipatobox mini or OSRAM Lightify Gateway Home."

    So yes, accessible but you need an extra devices.

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