How to switch on "Sun is up" and/or "Sun is down" without outdoor sensor

hugojanzenhugojanzen Member Posts: 3

Hi there,
I'd like to switch garden lighting to the scheduling of the sun, without using an extra outdoor lightsensor.
So hours for Sunrise and Sunset depending on the geographical position on the globe, I'd like to use in my project.
This should be a great feature.

The sensor "Is it Day or Night" will not help as the day always seem to start at 08:30 or 20:00 for the Night. I'd don't see those time move along with daylight hours.

Please advice,


  • ChristianChristian Administrator, Moderator Posts: 1,120 admin

    Hi @hugojanzen, the Day/Night sensor should actually work as expected. Please note that the sensor only updates every 15 minutes. I set up a small project to record the state of the sensor in a Google sheet over time which I could share with you later.

  • AngusMarshallAngusMarshall Member Posts: 14

    A function for this in the timer would be very useful. Other systems have as triggers 'sunset' and 'sunrise' along with a delta offset forwards and backwards, and as conditionals they have 'is day' and 'is night'. These make logic nice and simple.

  • AngusMarshallAngusMarshall Member Posts: 14

    ....Obviously this requires location to be set...

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