List of compatible Homematic IP devices

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The table below indicates which Homematic IP devices are currently compatible with Conrad Connect. Please note that only Homematic IP systems powered by an Access Point (HmIP-HAP) gateway will be supported. Last updat as of May 20th, 2019.

Product Description/EAN
HmIP-HAP Access point
HmIP-ASIR* Alarm Siren*
HmIP-BBL Blinds Actuator for brand switches
HmIP-BDT Dimming Actuator for brand switches - trailing-edge
HmIP-BRC2 Remote Control for brand switches – 2 channels
HmIP-BROLL Shutter Actuator for brand switches
HmIP-BSM Switch Actuator and Meter for brand switches
HmIP-BSL* Switch Actuator – with signal lamp*
HmIP-BWTH / WTH Wall Thermostat with control wheel, 230 V
HmIP-BWTH24 Wall Thermostat with control wheel, 24V
HMIP-eTRV / TRV Radiator Thermostat
HmIP-eTRV-2 Radiator Thermostat
HmIP-eTRV-2-UK / TRV-UK Radiator Thermostat UK
HmIP-eTRV-B Radiator Thermostat
HmIP-eTRV-C Radiator Thermostat - compact
HmIP-FAL230-C10 / FAL230-C10 Floor Heating Actuator – 10 channels, 230 V
HmIP-FAL230-C6 / FAL230-C6 Floor Heating Actuator – 6 channels, 230 V
HmIP-FAL24-C10 / FAL24-C10 Floor Heating Actuator – 10 channels, 24 V
HmIP-FAL24-C6 / FAL24-C6 Floor Heating Actuator – 6 channels, 24 V
HmIP-FBL Blind Actuator – flush-mount
HmIP-FDT Dimming Actuator flush-mount – trailing edge
HmIP-FROLL Shutter Actuator – flush-mount
HmIP-FSM Switch Actuator and Meter – flush-mount
HmIP-FSM16 Switch Actuator and Meter (16 A) – flush-mount
HmIP-PCBS Switch Circuit Board
HmIP-PCBS-BAT Switch Circuit Board for battery power supply
HmIP-PDT Smart dimmer plug
HmIP-PDT-UK / PDT Smart dimmer plug
HmIP-PS Smart plug
HMIP-PSM Smart plug with power meter
HmIP-PSM-CH Smart plug with power meter
HmIP-PSM-IT Smart plug with power meter
HmIP-PSM-PE Smart plug with power meter
HmIP-PSM-UK Smart plug with power meter
HmIP-RC8* Remote Control - 8 buttons*
HmIP-SMI Motion Detector with Brightness Sensor - inside
HmIP-SMO/SMO-A Motion Detector with Brightness Sensor - outdoor
HmIP-SPI Presence Sensor – indoor
HmIP-SRH Window Handle Sensor
HmIP-STH* Temperature and Humidity Sensor – indoor*
HmIP-STHD* Temperature and Humidity Sensor with Display – indoor*
HmIP-STHO/STHO-A* Temperature and Humidity Sensor – outdoor*
HmIP-SWD Water leakage sensor
HMIP-SWDO Window / Door optical sensor
HmIP-SWDO-I Window / Door optical sensor
HmIP-SWDM Window / Door Contact with magnet
HmIP-SWSD Smoke Alarm with Q label
HMIP-WRC2* Wall-mount Remote Control - 2-button*
HMIP-WRC6* Wall-mount Remote Control - 6-button*
HMIP-WTH / WTH-2 Wall Thermostat
HmIP-SK1 Starter Set Climate Control
HmIP-SK4 Starter Set Smoke Alarm
HmIP-SK5 Starter Set Shading/ Starter Set Shutter Control
HmIP-SK6 Starter Set Light
HmIP-SK7* Starter Set Alarm*
HmIP-SK8* Starter Set Water Alarm*
HmIP-SK9 Starter Set Heating

Information provided without guarantee. Please be aware that the manufacturer might have changed the list of compatible devices since our last update!

  • For an additional information about the Homematic IP integration details please click here.
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