How to connect your Homematic IP devices with Conrad Connect

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Here's is how to connect your Homematic IP devices:

  1. Update your Homematic IP app first, then navigate to Settings > Voice Control and additional services > Conrad Connect
  2. Now tap on Status reports and confirm that reports can be transmitted to Conrad Connect
  3. Tap on Linking and note down the displayed activation key
  4. Log on to Conrad Connect and search under Devices and Services for Homematic IP
  5. Authenticate your connection by entering the activation key.
  6. In order to control compatible Homematic IP actuators through Conrad Connect while the Alarm is activated, these additional settings are required.

Once accomplished, you can find your Homematic IP sensors and actuators when editing or creating new Projects. Same goes for the Dashboard which allows you to monitor your Homematic IP products at a glance.

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