Projects vs Action Button Projects (What is the difference?)

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There are two different types of automation rules on Conrad Connect: Projects and Projects with Action Button.

Projects allow you to trigger any actions automatically when a (previously defined) event happens or according a certain (previously defined) timing. Simple Projects - according the IF-THIS-THEN-THAT principle - can be created quickly on the dashboard by clicking on the "Create Projects" button on the widget. For more complex projects, please use the graphical project editor.

Further information on Projects :
- Video tutorials

Action Button projects are actions that are setting a certain (previously defined) state for one or more devices - e.g. turning them ON or OFF - when you trigger them manually. I.e. Action Button Projects are not automatically executed, but can be executed with a click on the Dashboard (in the Action Buttons widget), via Amazon Echo (Alexa) or with the mobile app "Tukuoro for Conrad Connect".

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