How can I create a sheet with Google Sheets?

ConradConnectConradConnect Administrator Posts: 78 admin

Connect any sensor to the actuator "Google Sheets". At the "spreadsheet" field, enter the name of the file you would like to create. At "worksheet" a new page with that name will be created. At "columns" you can set the title of each column you would like to use, while a first column with a time stamp is created automatically. The columns should be separated by three vertical lines ||| or "pipes" e.g. "column 2|||column 3|||column 4". Under "message" the table values can now be entered. Tap the wand icon and you can now select a parameter in the upper section and copy it with the "add" button into the lower section. Separate columns by using three vertical lines here as illustrated previously. Once you have saved the rule the file will be created and can be viewed in Google Sheets. Whenever the condition of your recipe is true a new row will be added to the sheet.

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