How can I create an entry with Google Calendar?

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First you have to authenticate Google Calendar under "Products and Services". During this process you shall log in to your Google account and allow access to Conrad Connect. You can create calendar entries in the calendar(s) which are connected to this Google account.

Now start the Recipe editor and select e.g. the "Current Temperature" sensor under the "Weather" menu (you can select of course other sensors as well), and connect it with the "Google Calendar" actuator. Click on the weather sensor, enter your location (e.g., Hirschau, Germany) and the temperature limits (upper and lower bounds).

Now, you shall configure the calendar:
- The duration of the appointment (calendar entry) shall be entered in minutes (e.g. "60" for one hour)
- The name of the appointment shall be entered (for example, "meeting")
- In the case of a message, it is recommended to use the magic wand icon:
Select a field from the dropdown list and add it to the message section - e.g.

You can also enter multiple lines.

- Select the corresponding calendar in which you want to create the entry
- Set the "Trigger on states" and "Limit To" sections - e.g. if you would like to create one entry each day when the temperature is over 18 degrees, then set it to "Above" and "once a day"

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