How can I share devices?

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Please note that only sensors can be shared

In the Products menu all of the devices are listed that have been integrated. Note that there is a new "Share" symbol to the right of each device that can be shared. When this icon is clicked a window will open for entering the sharing details. In the upper section of this form, please enter the e-mail addresses of the persons to whom you wish to allow access to the data of your devices in a comma-separated list. Below there is a field to enter a brief description and another to enter a more detailed description for those you are sharing with. This is a good place to let people know which product's data you are sharing and for example the place where it is installed (e.g. "This is my Netatmo temperature sensor in the garden"). When you click on Share the description will now show in green with whom you share this device and with the red button you can stop sharing the device. All of the entered addresses will receive an e-mail containing an "import" link and within their Conrad Connect dashboard they'll receive a message as well (at the top right). For the recipient to import the data, they must either click the "Import" link in the e-mail or within the message they receive in the Conrad Connect dashboard. After confirmation, all the imported devices are listed in the Products menu under the section "shared with me". The data of these products can now be displayed as widgets in the dashboard and you can create your own rules & recipes based on them. In the same way you can include a second system from the same vendor which is (for example) in your garden house. To do this, simply create a second account and share the devices with your first account.

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