Can I use a WiZ light as a sensor in Conrad Connect?

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Hello all,
I would like to set a timer to my wiz light.
I saw I can use the Wiz as sensors and actuators in the project
My project is to detect if my wiz is on, if yes wait 3 seconds (with the timer function) and then switch it of.
The issue I have is that it is working well only the first time but I f I switch on the wiz light afterwards with my cell for instance, this is not working anymore.
Can someone help ?


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    Hi @Yann_B, I have one of the tech guys looking at this.

  • ChristianChristian Administrator, Moderator Posts: 1,227 admin
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    Hi @Yann_B, yes you can read out whether your WiZ is on or off. We assume that you've employed a project as shown below. Since we are not aware of any limitations (e.g. some manufacturers do not allow multiple triggering within short time periods), I suggest that you simply contact us emailing to [email protected] Please simply copy the URL of this thread.

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