Secure your secret compartment from curious visitors with Conrad Connect

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Tutorial: How to secure your secret compartment! Connect a smart sensor to Conrad Connect's free service and receive a message directly to your phone when someone gets too curious. We'll show you how it's done:

I. Register for free at Conrad Connect. All you need is a valid email address.
II. Opt for an opening sensor, that is compatible with Conrad Connect and register it on the device page.

Any questions or comments? Register for free and get started.

Simple case: Always send an SMS when my secret compartment is being opened.

  1. Open the project editor and drag the appropriate opening sensor and the SMS message actuator from the bar on the left. Connects both elements and finally configures the SMS actuator as required (mobile number, message, responds to the signal "Open").

  2. As soon as you have saved the project, an SMS will be sent to you as soon as your secret slot is opened

Any questions or comments? Register for free and get started.

Second example: Secure the candy tray, but only on weekends when we want to sleep in!

This example is about the drawer with the sweets. Sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday, we want to secure the candy drawer stays closed on the weekend days between 7 and 10 am.

The logical rule for our project is: IF it's a weekend day AND IF it's between 7 and 10 am AND IF the sensor reports an opening in the drawer, EXACTLY then send a message to my phone.

So you now also need an AND logic gate and the time elements is weekend and between hours. Link and configure these as shown in the screenshots below.

In order to get real push messages, you need the one-time paid Pushover app, alternatively, you can leave it with the SMS or try other actuators (Email, Text-to-Speech warning message).

And done! Conrad Connect now sends us a push message on the weekend mornings as soon as someone opens the candy tray.

Any questions or comments? Register for free and get started.

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