Request: Stringify to ConradConnect Migration tool

OnHiatusOnHiatus Member Posts: 3

It would be awesome to build a tool to migrate Stringify devices / flows to ConradConnect Projects. Part of the job would be to import flows that are not possible to implement in ConradConnect - both to allow rebuilding parts instead of the entire thing; and if possible, to become functioning when the additional features become available.

This would also be a good opportunity for CC to identify what functionality is desired by real users.


  • ndesilvandesilva Member Posts: 1

    Does Conrad Connect have all the "Things" that Stringify has (ie: Variables, Connect Flow, Connect Maker, etc..)?

  • ChristianChristian Administrator, Moderator Posts: 1,237 admin

    Hi @ndesilva, no variables (but a robust workaround coming soon).

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