How to trigger Conrad Connect projects via IFTTT

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You can also trigger Conrad Connect projects (aka recipes or rules) via the IFTTT Maker Channel Event. In this tutorial we use IFTTT's Date & Time trigger in order to activate a simple project on our side.

  1. Connect your IFTTT account to Conrad Connect.

  2. Login to IFTTT and create a new applet using the Date & Time trigger. We want our applet to trigger on a weekday at 1400 (2 pm). So that's how the IF part must look like:

  1. Now you need to configure the THAT part. In order to reach out to Conrad Connect, a webhook with a dedicated event name (here teatime) is needed. Configure the webhook as shown here:

Method: POST
Content type: application/json
Body: {"event":"teatime"}
  1. Now open the Conrad Connect project editor (aka rule editor) and create your project. For demonstration purposes we simply would like to trigger a Pushover message. Go the Sensors section on the lefthand side and grab the IFTTT Maker Channel Event sensor (do not mix it with the IFTTT Maker actuator) and drag it to the work space.

  2. Make sure to complete your project. We wanted to use the Pushover actuator so as to inform us about the upcoming teatime. As for the IFTTT Maker Channel Event, you need to enter the chosen event name in order to create the desired connection between both worlds. Also, the unique Pushover Key is needed.

  1. Once you have saved the project (and your IFTTT applet is still active), you should receive a Pushover at 2 pm from Monday to Friday.
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