Projects and number of actuators

LGNEOLGNEO Member Posts: 46

My apologies to start, new to this service/community. Doing a project, do all items, sensors, etc. need to be connected to one actuator? Or can there be a number of strings each with different actuators within one project?


  • ChristianChristian Administrator, Moderator Posts: 2,022 admin

    Hi @LGNEO, welcome! The rule of thumb is this: Every actuator element on the project editor allows for one incoming connection. If you want to trigger the same actuator multiple times (e.g. when triggered by another sensor event), simply drag the same actuator element a second time to the canvas.

  • ChristianChristian Administrator, Moderator Posts: 2,022 admin

    PS: You can also have multiple 'flows' within one project that are completely independent from each other. You can use up to eight sensors or actuators within one project, or simply upgrade here. Another pro tip: Once you publish a project (no private data goes public) you get awarded another free project slot. Please ensure that a published project is well documented so others can benefit from it.

  • AngusMarshallAngusMarshall Member Posts: 19
    Nice. Now I see why these are called Projects and not just Flows :)
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