How to run your Action Button projects with Telegram IoT Messaging

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Already downloaded Telegram Messenger app? Then why not use it to run your Conrad Connect Action Button projects (also referred to as Do Button projects)? This service is free of charge. We show you how it works:

  1. Go and get Telegram running on your mobile phone. We've also downloaded and paired the desktop app.
  2. Login to Conrad Connect, then navigate to Telegram IoT Messaging which is listed on the Service Marketplace.
  3. Click Subscribe, then Configure.

  1. For testing purposes, create a simple Action Button project within the [project editor](]. We've simply connected the Action Button to the Pushover actuator. If you prefer email or text messages, use the the respective actuators instead. Save the the project and choose a Conrad Connect project name which you can easily remember and type (in our case "telegramtest") because this is part of the triggering command.

The following steps need to take place on the same device, either using the mobile phone or your desktop device. We choose the latter. Please note that you need to pair your Telegram desktop app with the respective mobile app in order to use it.

  1. Click Take me to Telegram. You will need to enter your mobile phone number, then your telegram app opens where you need to press Start in order to set off the Conrad Connect Telegram bot.

  1. The first message you receive from Conrad Connect contains a link. Click it in order to complete the authentication.

Reminder: Steps 6. and 7. need to be executed on the same device. Once authentication is done you can use any device in order to execute your Action Button projects.

  1. Now it's time to test the whole setup. Open the chat with the Conrad Connect bot and text "Run [Name of Project]" and your project will be triggered.

One more hint: Text "help" in order to receive a list of all possible commands.

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