Create home automation routines based on weather data

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You don't need to buy your own weather sensors in order to create home automation routines based on weather data. We show you how to manage this.

  1. Register for free at Conrad Connect!

  2. Then start creating a new automation on the project editor and select a weather sensor from the left hand side that fits your specific needs.

  1. To give an example, we would like to close the window shutters when it gets sunny or stormy. Thats why we pick the Current Weather sensor. Configure here, which town or city you need the weather data for (here Berlin, Germany).

  1. We now simply attach a Homematic IP shutter actuator to the sensor and complete the configuration: **Close shutter completely (100%) for the actuator named "Top Floor" whenever sensor reads Clear or Storm.

That's it! Of course you can attach the same actuator once more and define a rule for when to open the shutter. You can also define additional conditions so as it limit your action to specific months or simply hours of the day.

Any questions or comments? Register for free and get started.

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