Weather humidity tresholds

cservicservi Member Posts: 12

Why I am not allowed to set a user theshold in humidity like in the temperature conditions? It is stuck with 35-85 range.
I'd like to trigger air rechange if external humidity is below 70%, for example.


  • ConradConnectConradConnect Administrator Posts: 78 admin

    Hi @cservi, which sensor do you refer to?

  • cservicservi Member Posts: 12


    I'm referring to your Humidity_1 standard sensor:

    While in the temperature one I can set preferred tresholds, in humidity it is fixed between 35 and 85.

  • ChristianChristian Administrator, Moderator Posts: 1,291 admin

    Hi @cservi, I've figured what you mean, you are right, it's broken down to three levels only. I'll put this on our wishlist for future consideration.

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