Action Button projects: Triggering actuators by command

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Home automation projects usually trigger actuators based upon defined sensor events such as: *IF the room temperature raises above a certain treshold THEN close the blinds for all windows in order to prevent the sun from heating up the room even further.

However, sometimes actions need to be triggered only when you want them to be executed. To give an example, let's say we want to turn off - by command - the office lights as well as the heating system. That's what we use the Action Button (sensor) for. See how it works:

  1. Sign in at Conrad Connect and create a new project.
  2. The Action Button (also referred to as Do-Button) can be found on top of the left hand side menu. Simply drag it to the canvas.

  1. Now create a project at your will. We stick to the above example. That is, we connect the Action Button with the actuators for the heater (HmIP) and the lights (Philips Hue). We also attach the Pushover actuator because we also would like to receive a message once this particular routine has been executed.

  1. Now save the project. Your Action Button project is ready to go.

Now you have several options to excute your routine.

I. Run your project by clicking or tapping the green Execute Button within the project tile.

II. Or execute through voice control with either Amazon Echo's Alexa or Google Home Assistant.

III. You may also use the Tukuoro App.

IV. Or trigger your Action Button recipe by simply sending a Telegram message.

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