IFTTT Webhook and Conrad COnnect

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Afternoon all.
Due to the demise of Stringify I've finally decided to try and start setting up some IFTTT routines into Conrad Connect.

The thing is, as a newbie to the home automation scene who just managed Stringify as it then announces its going to disappear, i'm lost as to how the webhooks works.

I have an IFTTT routine that when the alarm activates in the mornings it used to trigger a stringify flow that would turn on some TP-Link lights downstairs.

I'm stupidly stuck as to how to get IFTTT via a Webhook to activate a Conrad Connect recipe that I've written... I found a link that was supposed to help me community.conradconnect.de/discussion/535/how-to-trigger-conrad-connect-projects-via-ifttt but I've no idea where all the data comes from to put into the webhook - for example where do i get the Conrad Connect URL for the recipe i want to activate)?

If anyone can help me it would be much apprecaited.



  • ChristianChristian Administrator, Moderator Posts: 1,568 admin

    Hi @Torcrayth, sorry, this thread did not show up earlier. Yes, please follow the steps as outlined in the above mentioned tutorial. The IFTTT THAT part must look like this:

    Would a more detailed tutorial help you?

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