How to use Message Actuators

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Message actuators belong to any IoT toolkit! They notify you once a certain threshold has been passed, push important sensor readings to your smartphone, are great helpers when it comes to debugging more complex automation projects, or simply warn you in case of important events.

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All available message actuators appear on the left hand side of the project editor:

Please note:

  1. Learn here, how to connect Telegram to Conrad Connect.
  2. In order to receive Pushover notifications you need to purchase the Pushover app and then connect it. As for Twitter and Slack, you also need to authenticate access to these services by entering your respective login credentials first.
  3. Text messages are limited to 15 SMS per month, thus suitable for rare but highly important events. If you need more, you may subscribe to our SMS Batch Premium Service.
  4. The actuator called Messages refers to the Message Widget which you can implement to your Conrad Connect Dashboard. Your intended messages will appear directly within the widget. On the Dashboard, simply click the + sign and then select the Message Widget.

  1. You can send short text strings through every message actuator.
  2. You can assign a date or time stemp to every message. The time stemp includes both time and date, so don't add two stemps to your message.
  3. Text strings and parameters based on your sensor readings can be combined easily. Click on the wizard icon in order to open the message configuration window:

  1. As for metrical data (e.g. temperature or humidity) the variable called xyz.parameter usually contains the actual sensor readings.
  2. A true Conrad Connect highlight: You can also combine the readings from multiple sensors in one message. Have for instance the temperature as provided by Homematic IP combined with air quality data from Foobot or Netatmo.
  3. As for all actuators, you can limit their frequency; this way you can manage that a message is only being sent once a day or once per hour.
  4. Message actuators can also be triggered by an action button which itself provides the option to trigger a message by voice.

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