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  • ChristianChristian Administrator, Moderator Posts: 2,036 admin

    PS: Again, you need one CC rule to switch the Switchur variable to OPEN (aka ON), one rule to set it to CLOSE (or OFF).

  • ndesilvandesilva Member Posts: 23

    Hi @Christian sorry I lost you at the 2nd sentence... ""Kontakt 1" is the name I've assigned to the hardware sensor when setting it up a year ago."...

    Is this something that only you are able to do? Because I don't see any sensors I can configure on the CC Project Editor they way you have done?

    Another question is... to address my original issue... even if I figure how to set this up and use Switchur, how can I tell my lights when the Garage is Closed to turn on only if it is 1 hour before Sunset, otherwise turn off?

    Thank you very much!

  • ChristianChristian Administrator, Moderator Posts: 2,036 admin

    Hi @ndesilva, most Smart Home gear comes with a proprietary app. So I initially had to set up my hardware using the manufacturers app. As part of this process, I also assigned a name to the piece of hardware (e.g. "Button Bedroom"). This step is not necessarily required depending on your hardware. Regarding your second question: Please create a second variable that is TRUE (or "1") if it is 1 hour before sunset. Within switchur, you would then process both variables and finally reach out to CC again with a HTTP request, which ultimatly triggers your lamp.

  • bluemoonbluemoon Member Posts: 2

    Hi @Christian , I struggle also with the IFTTT integration. I tried everything, but still no luck. I also tried it to send from my API testing tool locally.
    It looks as if CC is not reacting to the trigger.

  • bluemoonbluemoon Member Posts: 2

    Ok, I was able to solve it thanks to the tip of @ndesilva :

    Hi @Christian so I was testing with few things and I got it to work! For the trigger I have both Event and No Event from IFTTT in my recipe. When I have Event only it doesn't work.

    One needs to duplicate the IFTTT bubble and use them both as input to an OR gate.

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