Egardia Authentication issue

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Hello, I wanted to add my Egardia alarm system to my Conradconnect account. I followed the links in "Devices and Services", entered my Egardia login data but was denied with the error message "Incorrect username or password. Please try again."
I opened a ticket with Egardia and wasted nearly an hour on the telephone and one week of daily email communication with them, without success. After a while, the only comment from their side was:

"Sehr geehrter Herr xxxxx,

dieses Problem tritt gelegentlich beim Einbinden von Conrad Connect auf und kann von unserer Seite leider nicht gelöst werden.
Bitte wenden Sie sich an Conrad Connect."

This basically means: ask ConradConnect and don't bother us anymore.

For any other user who faces the same issue: don't use the character "#" in your Egardia password. This made the change for me.


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    HI @desperate250, sorry to hear and thanks for your efforts posting it. Is it working now? If so, may I change the headline into Egardia Authentication issue and how to solve it ?

  • desperate250desperate250 Member Posts: 2

    Yes, it is solved now. I was looking for a solution via search in this community and did not find one. May the next user with this issue find this post and solve it within minutes :-)
    Egardia service (in Germany) is useless, they were not even able to check wether the authentication URL is correct or not.

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    Thanks @desperate250, colleagues from support mentioned, that Egardia requires a paid subscription plan.

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