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Hallo world.

I am loooking for a way, if possible, to use Conrad Connect as a automated gateway, in order to export data values from my Weatherhub sensors to the UK Met Office observation network WOW
WOW offers an api which looks like this:
But the date and time parameters in a call must be encoded like this
ex. dateutc=2011-02-02+10%3A32%3A55 for for the 2nd of Feb, 2011 at 10:32:55.
and this in not the format Conrad Connect uses for this type of data. If one takes a look at for example the Is_between_hours time function the components in date and time (year, month, day, hour, minute, second) appears as individual parameters, but they are not accessible as far as I understand it. If there was, they could fairly eas concatenated to the desired format. Any solution for this problem? Perhaps such a thing is beyond the scope of Cnrad Connect?


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    Hi @bjehnberg, it's fairly easy to write all sensor readings to a Google spreadsheet. Perhaps a workaround could be build upon this?

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    Hi Christian, an thank you for quick response. As you may understand, in this case I want to use Conrad Connect as an automation engine, and that can be done in principle but the lack of data manipulation possibilities in the maker actuator makes this hard to perform. Yes, it's fairly easy to capture the data values in a Google spreadsheet and I have already tried that. In a spreadsheet I also have access to a large number of data manipulation facilities, i.e. I can format the data capured from the spreadsheet actuator in almost any way I want to. But in order to automate the process chain completely to (in this case) the WOW frontend api I need yet another automation engine that can trigger on the event "new row inserted in Google spreadsheet" (and issue and api call) , and I don´t know where to find such a creature.

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    Hi @bjehnberg, okay, understood. I'm afraid, this won't be possible at the time being (from a business point of view).

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    Hi, Christian. Of course I understand that. What I am looking for is clearly beyond the scope of Conrad Connect. But I found out a solution, namely the automation engine Zapier, and this service can trigger on the event "new row inserted in Google Spreadsheet", pick up the appropriate column values and issue a webhook api call to MetOffice's WOW. It's not a very elegant solution, and if anybody have a better idea, I would be very grateful to hear about it.
    The number of service calls for a free Zapier account is limited to 1000 a month, so thus the observations have to limited to once per hour.

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    Hi @bjehnberg, interesting! Would there be a chance to extract the desired data from a Telegram message?

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    If we are talking specifically about the Zapier service, the answer is no. There is yet no integration from Telegram to Zapier:

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