Barometric sensors to Weatherhub cloud

bjehnbergbjehnberg Member Posts: 23

TFA Dostmann is about to introduce a barometric (i.e. air pressure) sensor with Weatherhub capabilities "Cosy Baro"
(I'm sure MobileAlert and TechnoLine will do the same, but with different product names).

Will there be a ConradConnect widget for this sensor type as well?

Best regards/Björn

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  • bjehnbergbjehnberg Member Posts: 23

    Thank you, Christian, that would be absolutely fine. This sensor, when available, fills in a gap in the Weatherhub architecture and makes it possible to set up a complete weather observation site. A weather station worthy of the name should, in my opinion, at least be able to deliver the parameters temperature, humidity and air pressure. Rainfall and wind are good add-ons, but the basic values that must be reported are the former ones.
    Best regards/Björn

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