Publish your Conrad Connect projects

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There are good reasons to publish a well-tried project! Published projects can be

  • directly imported by other users
  • shared with others based on a URL
  • commented and rated

There are no limitations to the number of published projects even if you use Conrad Connect entirely for free. No personal data (login credentials, phone numbers, etc.) will be shared with other. Important: If using the Conrad Maker, the published project will include the complete Maker URL.

And that's how is works:

  1. Please only publish tested projects and always provide a meaningful description.
  2. Under My projects you'll find a "Publish" button within each existing project.

  1. Please choose a project name and provide a clear written description. Please also select a category such as Smart Home. Save it and your project is already published.

Alternatively, you can already decide to publish your project upon saving it the first time. Simply tick the respective checkbox.

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