Which new devices should we consider as new integrations in Conrad Connect? (Use also Vote Buttons)

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  • chrischris Member Posts: 2
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    hi im new here and come from uk most my service use the smart life app works with most things i think would be nice if that can be added not smart things

  • vfb198vfb198 Member Posts: 2

    Gira Homeserver!

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    I vote for Trust Smart Home (aka Klik aan Klik uit). Since these 2 companys merged, their products and innovation went very rapidly. They have solutions for any type of house and installation to make your existing lights smart keeping your original light switches in place. It's very affordable, easy to install and highly functional. In The Netherlands they are already a leading smart home product. The Netherlands might be a small country, but have more than 17 mil. inhabitants and has quite some influence in world with smart technology (Philips Hue e.g.).

    Right now I'm using Homey, which is like a combination of Conrad Connect and Alexa. It has a very broad range of supported products (Trust Smart Home and Sonos included). It also has infra red which can learn any button from any remote control (so also for that cheap lightstrip behind my TV). In a way I like it, but in way I also don't. Long story short, I wish I could have my existing systems work with Alexa and Conrad Connect. Im happy it supports Nest and Nuki already, but I can really give myself in once Trust Smart Home is integrated.

  • Kilkenny82Kilkenny82 Member Posts: 4

    I would love to see Xiaomi products, including the smart watches (Mi Band) and the smart home products, Sonoff, Lingan and Ecovac (Vacuum Robots).

  • ChristianChristian Administrator, Moderator Posts: 1,294 admin

    @Kilkenny82 Thanks! It's been added to our list!

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  • jawa68jawa68 Member Posts: 1

    Ikea Trådlös

  • VickieVickie Member Posts: 3

    I'm not sure if this is what I'm supposed to do but my device is a an aristo 2

  • ChristianChristian Administrator, Moderator Posts: 1,294 admin

    Hi @Vickie, here you can make suggestions which IoT / Smart Home brands or devices you would like to control via Conrad Connect.

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  • Justin65Justin65 Member Posts: 1

    i have bought a garmin vivosmart 3. i only want to use it to record my heatrate. Do i have to use it with a mobile phone or does it have its own built in recorder. Thanks

  • ChristianChristian Administrator, Moderator Posts: 1,294 admin

    Hi @Justin65, we currently support the Vivosmart HR+, however you, you can give it try: 1) Connect your Garmin Service to Conrad Connect 2) Create a project that records your health data in a Google Spreadsheet.

  • ReProxReProx Member Posts: 1

    I vote for Trust Smart Home, they have good products and grow fast.


  • danielmauchdanielmauch Member Posts: 19
    Ikea Smart Home
  • metaija1metaija1 Member Posts: 1

    It would be great to integrate the Enphase Enlighten Solar production data to give ability to anyone have a solar production to activate power devices based on real time solar power production , enphase as a API to access to the data ( https://developer.enphase.com ) !

  • chukchuk Member Posts: 2

    I would vote for Smartthings hub and Netgear Arlo.

  • chukchuk Member Posts: 2

    SONOFF is a very popular product line. Also maybe just a IP based tool to grab all of the IP based/ wifi devices.

  • LCSJLCSJ Member Posts: 1

    Any chance to have the Climat Station from TFA Dostmann (WeatherHub) ref 30.3060.01 connectable to Conrad connect one day as you already connect multipe devices from them... ?

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    Will add this to our wishlist, @LCSJ

  • JFKJFK Member Posts: 2

    Hello Team I would like that you integrate the Logitech Circle 2 camera


  • PabontPabont Member Posts: 1

    i know you already have many compatible homematic ip devices, but it would be nice if you could put the HmIP-STH temperature and humidity sensor - inside on the list as well

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    @JFK schrieb:
    I would like that you integrate the car adapter from Telekom.

    You might want to check out this, @JFK.

  • LordiLordi Member Posts: 1

    Sonoff devices

  • AngusMarshallAngusMarshall Member Posts: 19
    Smartthings & Netgear Arlo.
    I'd also like to see text to voice supported on Sonos. I'm considering coming across from Stringify (RIP :anguished:) and need these integrations!
    I'm also trying to understand how to manage variables in Conrad Connect. Stringify had a great variables manager that helped enable all types of interactions between flows.
  • ChristianChristian Administrator, Moderator Posts: 1,294 admin

    Hi @AngusMarshall, thanks for the feedback. Variables are not yet supported, but you can already use the Text-to-Speech Sonos actuator.

  • AngusMarshallAngusMarshall Member Posts: 19
    Great, thanks. I had fun sending text to a Sonos parked next to a Google Home. This way I can command GH from anywhere and get it to do my bidding :awesome: pleased to know I can still do that from here.

    TP-link switches also would be great. I have a few and need to control them too, these worked well in Stringify. I also use Smart Life & eWeLink and Magic Home, all of which I've had to drive via IFTTT due to a lack of direct integrations in Stringify.

    I was very pleased to see you have a Sensibo interface. This was missing also from Stringify. Swings & roundabouts as they say...
  • AngusMarshallAngusMarshall Member Posts: 19
    > @PascalFacon said:
    > Samung Smartthings hub is able to work with many devices. https://www.smartthings.com/uk/products

    Definitely agree. Supporting SmartThings opens up a huge additional set of devices. Hope this can be achieved including the use of Virtual Switches which can be very powerful.
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