Workaround for Wunderbar bug "email to long"?

Holger_p3tHolger_p3t Member Posts: 4
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I'm logging in via SSO to CC and Wunderbar does not accept my email in on-boarding process: it's to long :-/

--- [ Terminal ] ---

3 - ConradConnect setup[Pending]
[Default: 3]> 3

Now we will setup communication with Conrad Connect.

Registering device using your user email and token.
Please enter your user email:
[Default: ]> [email protected]u
Entry too long!

Please enter your user email:
[Default: [email protected] cöîA¹.ïO2iiÆ+^ö Úâäþ½§ÿ¥Zâè]>


Any workaround known? Any upcoming firmware update? Manual URL construction for service request? ...?

No: won't change my Email address.


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