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Frost damage protection with Conrad Connect controlled smart plugs

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A simple control loop helps protecting pipe systems or flow heaters from frost damage. With Conrad Connect compatible devices, this can be set up in few minutes. The project below follows a simple algorithm: If the temperature falls below 0°C (= 32 F), a smart plug controlled heating device is powered on. A delay of 45 minutes shall be triggered in parallel at the same event. Once 45 minutes (= 2700 sec) have passed, the same smart plug shall be powered off. In order to stabilize the automation, the power on actuation shall be limited to once per hour. We use one TP-Link Kasa smart plug with an Open Source weather sensor. Choose your favourite temperature sensors and smart plugs.

Project as shown in screenshots requires one smart plug. Import the project here

The upper bound needs to be greater than 0.

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