Why after linking IFTTT with Conrad Connect, I get HTTP 401 Unauthorized

1. I followed the steps to connect IFTTT to Conrad Connect as explained here :

  1. and created a similar project like here :

But the applet in IFTTT is triggered with a button instead on weekdays.

The Applet in IFTTT is simple: I press a button and then send the Webhooks request

  1. I created a simple project in ConradConnect to receive the IFTTT Webhooks request and send a simple Telegram message.

Unfortunately it didn't work.

I tried to find what is the reason. Here is what I made sure of :
1. Telegram connection is working fine. I created another project on ConradConnect to send a simple message, and it came
2. The Applet is running, because I checked on IFTTT and every time I press the button the applet runs and send the request to ConradConnect.
3. I tried calling the (https://dashboard.conradconnect.de/api/webhook/ifttt?key=(mykey)) directly and I got :
{"message":"HTTP 401 Unauthorized","statusCode":401}

  1. I tried to delete the Authorization on ConradConnect for IFTTT, and create a clean project there and repeat the steps

What could be reason for this message ?
What I have done wrong ?
how can I correct that ?




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