Sonos Talks! is looping messages

brian163brian163 Member Posts: 7
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I created a project some time ago and I know when Sonos would speak a message via the Sonos Talks! actuator, it would only do so once as intended.

But now the Sonos Talks! actuator (Sonos_Say_Something_# on the project) is looping the message over and over again. I can find no way to stop the message from repeating on the Conrad Connect side once the function is triggered.

If I go into the Sonos Controller (the Sonos app), I see that the source playing for the speaker in question shows "Radio" and it is in fact "playing". To stop the looping message, I have to hit "stop" in the Sonos Controller.

I really don't believe I am doing something wrong in the setup. This appears to be a change in behavior of the actuator. Can someone please investigate this?


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