Messages actuator should not count for debugging purposes

brian163brian163 Member Posts: 8

I'm not really sure how Conrad went about modifying the free service limitations but I know I was able to have more objects in my workflows before it was changed to 8. (And I setup my account in July of last year which was before any suggested August changes but I seem to have lost my "grandfathering". :-/ ) Now I wouldn't mind paying for the extended service if I really needed it. But the truth is I really don't, at least not yet.

So I'd like to suggest that Conrad seriously consider making the Messages actuator "free" (the actual Messages actuator, not the entire list of messaging related services under the Actuators category also called "Messages"), meaning not counting towards the object count restriction (currently 8 for free accounts and 18 with the paid service extension).

With very little detailed logging/debug info available to users of this service, adding a message to various steps in a project is just about the only way to debug a project as can be observed in many examples throughout the forums where a user is asked to do so as a part of troubleshooting.

With the Messages object currently being included in the object count restriction, it's basically impossible to debug a project with 8 objects already in it. :-(


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