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Triggering Conrad Connect projects via IFTTT using the Conrad Maker Tools

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With the new Conrad Maker Tools you've got all you need in order to trigger CC projects via IFTTT. That's how it works:

  1. Make sure you have registered Conrad Connect and IFTTT accounts.
  2. Ensure you have valid webhook settings within IFTTT.

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  1. Sign in to Conrad Connect, then visit the Conrad Maker Tools . At the bottom of the page you'll find your MAKER-KEY.
  2. Create a new applet in IFTTT. Choose a trigger for the IF part just as you wish.
  3. For the THAT part in your IFTTT applet, choose an outgoing Webhook and configure it as shown below:

The Webhook (THAT part) is highlighted in cyan. The URL needs to follow this syntax


Just copy and paste the MAKER-KEY and define and event name ("dinnertime" in our case).

  1. Now go to the Conrad Connect project editor in order to create the project you would like to trigger via IFTTT.
  2. On the lefthand side, go to Sensors and drag the Maker Event sensor to the canvas.

Simply enter the chosen event name ("dinnertime" in our case).

8. Finalize your Conrad Connnect project. In our example we've simply decided to send out a text message.

As a summary, this is what happens in our example: IFTTT triggers the an outgoing IFTTT webhook - which basically is a HTTP request with an encoded event name. This request is detected by the Conrad Maker Event sensor (based on the defined event name) which itself triggers the Conrad Connect SMS-actuator. As a result, we receive a text message at 6.15 pm.

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