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How to trigger IFTTT applets with the Conrad Maker Tools

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Here we demonstrate how to trigger IFTTT applets using the new Conrad Maker Tools. Simply follow these steps:

(I) Preparations

  1. Make sure you have registered Conrad Connect and IFTTT accounts.
  2. Navigate to IFTTT's Webhooks settings and copy the Webhooks Key.
  3. Sign in to Conrad Connect, then go to the IFTTT product page where you need to paste in the Webhooks Key code in order to connect both services.

(II) Setting up the IFTTT applet to be triggered

  1. Now create the IFTTT applet with the desired actuator (THAT part). For the IF part (aka trigger), select Webhooks and configure it as shown below.

The IF part is highlighted in cyan. Simply define an event name (here we use the text string "cc-triggers-ifttt").

(III) Create the Conrad Connect project that shall trigger your IFTTT applet

  1. Now go to the Conrad Connect project editor in order to create the project that shall eventually trigger the above created IFTTT applet.
  2. On the lefthand side, go to Actuators and drag the Maker actuator to the canvas.

URL: https://maker.ifttt.com/trigger/cc-triggers-ifttt/with/key/EuerWebhooksKey
Method: POST
Content type: application/json
Body: {"event":"cc-triggers-ifttt"}

Please note, the event name (here "cc-triggers-ifttt") must be encode twice: As part of the URL as well as a statement within the body.

  1. For demonstration purposes, we simply use an Action Button which triggers the Maker actuator. Choose an alternative sensor according to your needs. Then save your Conrad Connect project.

As a summary, here is what happens once the setups works properly: Pressing Conrad Connect's Action Button triggers the Conrad Maker actuator which then iniates a HTTP request with the encoded event name (here "cc-triggers-ifttt"). This HTTP request is detected by the IF part (incoming Webhook) based on the selected event name. As a result, the THAT part of the IFTTT applet sends a Telegram message.

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