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I have been exploring Conrad Connect capabilities and rather excited by the capabilities in general but have encountered some obsticals. I have been wanting to automate door sensors with my sensibo device. Basically check door is closed, leave aircon on, if door opens, wait 10 minutes, check door is still open, if yes then turn aircon off. Could see conrad connect could do this logic, so ordered door sensors that work through Tuya/Smart life. Got the door sensors only to find that they are not supported as per the folowing article.

Needless to say, I was disappointed. Tried to use the IFTTT Marker Channel event to get the status of the door sensor through to CC, but due to IFTTT this was impressively unreliable, either coming through about 45 minutes after the event or not at all - so this will not work.

I have tested my project using a tuya globe as a substitute for the door sensor (simple on/off logic) and it works. CC can validate the status of the globe status consistently every 10 minutes and run the project with the right results.

I was wondering if there was any update as to when other tuya devices such as door sensors would be supported by CC?



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    Hi @skilly, that's right, at the time being only a limited number of Tuya devices is compatible. We'll update you here once I know more about future upgrades. You may have a look at compatible alternatives or even check for WiFi enabled contact sensors that also work with IFTTT. Please also note that "check if door is still open after 10 min" part cannot be managed with Conrad Connect alone.

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