Triggering Conrad Connect projects via iOS Shortcuts using the Conrad Maker Tools (Tutorial)

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With the new Conrad Maker Tools you can also to trigger CC projects via iOS Shortcuts. Here's how it works:

  1. Make sure you have a registered Conrad Connect account and the Shortcuts app available on your iPhone or iPad.

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  1. Sign in to Conrad Connect, then visit the Conrad Maker Tools. At the bottom of the page you'll find your personal MAKER-KEY.
  2. Open the iOS Shortcuts app and start creating a new shortcut.
  3. Choose the command "Get contents of URL" ("Inhalte von URL abrufe"). Simply type in the name of the command in order to access it. Complete the form as follows:

Just copy and paste the MAKER-KEY and define and event name ("shortcut-hue" in our case).
Method: POST
Request Body; JSON
Important: You also need to add a field for a JSON object. Even though the actual content in here doesn't matter, we suggest to enter the event name (here "event" = "shortcut-hue").

  1. Assign a name and save the shortcut. You can now access the button widget after swiping from the left side.
  2. Now go to the Conrad Connect project editor in order to create the project you would like to trigger via iOS shortcuts.
  3. On the lefthand side, go to Sensors and drag the Maker Event sensor to the canvas.

Then enter the chosen event name ("shortcut-hue" in our case).

9. Finalize your Conrad Connnect project acording your needs.

As a summary, this is what happens in our example: The iOS Shortcuts app triggers an outgoing HTTP request with an encoded event name as part of the URL. This request is detected by the Conrad Maker Event sensor (based on the defined event name) which itself triggers a hue lamp.

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