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Ring Battery Status

ColinSmaleColinSmale Member Posts: 2
edited January 29 in Conrad Connect Help

I took the battery out of my Ring Video 2 today to charge it up. Six hours later, with the battery still in the charger, the status coming from Conrad Connect was still showing the old percentage with a status of "In Range". How long does it have to be switched off for, before the status reflects that?



  • ChristianChristian Administrator, Moderator Posts: 2,187 admin

    Hi @Colin, I would say, your ring device can only read the battery level if the battery is inside the camera. Or do I get you wrong here?

  • ColinSmaleColinSmale Member Posts: 2

    Hi Christian... Of course. So when the battery is removed, it is not correct that I continue to receive battery status messages showing a voltage as if nothing is wrong. When I replaced the battery after charging, it took an hour or so to indicate 100%, so obviously the status of the device is not being polled very often (to save battery of course), but I can live with that. The timestamps in the messages should reflect the timestamp of the measurement though, not the timestamp Conrad sends it to me. If it used the timestamp of the last update from the doorbell to Ring's servers was used, I could detect the "lost connectivity" status correctly. This is how IoT is supposed to work (it is my day job). It would actually be better if Ring had a local API, or sent the RSSI and battery level in every message, but they didn't design their system for competent end-users - they obviously want to keep control of the market and force you to use their app and chosen partners.

  • ChristianChristian Administrator, Moderator Posts: 2,187 admin

    Hi @Colin, our Tech Support team has tested it. Incorrect values were already being displayed within the ring app, so it appears to be beyond our control.

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