Can I convert the CC timestamps in Google Sheets into regular date format?

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I am using a project to write sensor data from my homematic IP's temperature sensor into a google spreadsheet. This works accordingly, but the timestamp in column 1, which is automatically written, can not be recognized as "date" or "date/time" format (e.g. when creating a chart or so) by google sheets. Is there a solution to change that?

Best, Patrick

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    Hi @Christian, I think I found the problem & solution. Locale settings of my spreadsheets was United States, that mixed up the day and month, as the timestamp is written the "german way" ;-). This also explains the magic before Feb 1st. The spreadsheet wasn't able to recognize month=31, day=01 for example. Changed the locale settings of the spreadsheet to Germany, now the timestamp is written correctly. Only thing left is converting the previous 4000+ rows, which shouldn't be a big deal.
    Best, Patrick


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