More problems with number of elements under base service?

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Sometime last year, I lost the ability to save my original projects that had 10 objects and had to reduce them to eight. (I requested allowing Messages actuators to not count against that quota for troubleshooting purposes but that feature request went unfulfilled.) Now I'm getting a "The project has exceeded the maximum number of allowed elements (%s)." error when trying to save a previous project that has eight, which is supposed to be the number permitted by the free service on my account:

Your free services

Service name Amount
Private projects 3
Elements per project 8

I had to remove two objects (lights), that are in the same fixture no less, just to get the project to save which is now only 6 objects. Is this an official change that is not properly reflected in the service list or a bug?

By the way, the only reason I was editing this project at all is that my Hue light actuators just stop working after some period of time. I've found I either need to re-add the Hue app (which I will find mysteriously disconnected like I never activated it) or use the "refresh" option, re-edit the project to "touch" the associated activators, and re-save the project to get them going again.

I don't like complaining about a free service, I really don't. And I have seriously considered subscribing to premium services to do more. But I have to be honest, I'm finding this service a bit too unstable, whether in project editing functions or execution, to feel confident about putting any money into it.

Is anyone else having these kinds of issues or is my account just cursed? >:)


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