Sonoff products

When will the sonoff wifi products be supported? They seem to be a nice addition to Conrad connect


  • GiorgiGiorgi Member Posts: 25

    Can you recommend those? How do you use them? I don't have them but they look pretty slick on the Internet

  • Kilkenny82Kilkenny82 Member Posts: 4

    This would certainly be a great addition. They are cheap and easy to use, have them as well. You should be able to get them working through ITFFF, but haven't been able to do it myself yet.

  • spyrspyrspyrspyr Member Posts: 1

    I have been using sonoff devices for almost a year now the work perfectly with their own app

  • uwerichteruwerichter Member Posts: 1

    I use a lot of different Sonoff products besides some other brands. Sonoff things work really perfect and the integration into Alexa is pretty simple with ewelink-app. It could be very interesting if it would work with conrad connect. Come on boys, get yourself a kick!

  • AngusMarshallAngusMarshall Member Posts: 19

    Agreed! Sonos now have a great range of products. I've purchased several touch control wall switches from AliExpress. They look really smart and work very well. They are also very cheap at around 15 bucks each. The eWelink app works well although it normally takes a few seconds to establish a connection with the devices when waking up, even if power saver is off. It would be excellent if CC could drive these directly. Please integrate with eWeLink!

  • AJ_I00FAJ_I00F Member Posts: 5

    Another vote for Sonoff product integration here!

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