Which new devices should we consider as new integrations in Conrad Connect? (Use also Vote Buttons)



  • JBinPDXJBinPDX Member Posts: 1

    SmartThings, please! I’m looking for a solution to replace Stringify, but I need SmartThings support. Is that in the works?

  • LGNEOLGNEO Member Posts: 46

    Greetings, I would like to have the Wink service added for z-wave(+) and zigbee products please

  • OnHiatusOnHiatus Member Posts: 3

    MyQ Garage Door opener, Scout Alarm, IFTTT, Yi Camera, CNCT Plugs, Notion sensors, Wireless Tag

  • OnHiatusOnHiatus Member Posts: 3

    Lutron Caseta switches

  • AngusMarshallAngusMarshall Member Posts: 19
    > @chris said:
    > hi im new here and come from uk most my service use the smart life app works with most things i think would be nice if that can be added not smart things

    This works already. Use the Tuya integration. It's the same and will access your Smart Life devices automatically.
  • joey_69joey_69 Member Posts: 2

    Hive Home for the UK would be nice save having to use ifttt

  • joey_69joey_69 Member Posts: 2
    edited April 17

    ConradConnect skill that can be found in the Amazon Alexa app for the UK (ie say something like Alexa Conrad flow ??? and is will start the flow/project that I created with that name) this would mean you wouldn't need ifttt

  • TobelemTobelem Member Posts: 1

    LEVITON Decora Smart Dimmers and Switches will be great!!!

  • jimbartlettjimbartlett Member Posts: 6
    edited April 28

    I agree with @LGNEO) and others above: we really could use support for: Lutron Caseta switch & dimmer devices, Lutron shades, Lutron hubs, the Wink Hub 2, SmartThings products and hub, Ring products (doorbell, cameras, etc), Leviton, Schlage locks, Chamberlain (MyQ) garage door openers, and (if possible) be able to replace, from a control capability, what we've HAD via Stringify!

  • jimbartlettjimbartlett Member Posts: 6
    edited April 28

    @joey_69, I agree...if there isn't already support for voice control via Amazon echo / Alexa devices, we really need that! Is there a ConradConnect "skill" that can be enabled in the Alexa app?

  • jimbartlettjimbartlett Member Posts: 6

    @AngusMarshall, I agree re needing support for TP-Link. Also for Wink Hub 2, all Ring products, Schlage locks, Lutron Caseta products, Lutron hubs, Lutron shades (Triathlon, and Serena), Chamberlain (MyQ) garage door openers, and Amazon Alexa integration. What am I forgetting...?

  • hellowebhelloweb Member Posts: 1

    What about Smart Gardening?

  • cservicservi Member Posts: 26

    Shelly cloud

  • LGNEOLGNEO Member Posts: 46
    Would the service also consider adding the Honeywell Total Connect Comfort as a sensor? Please....
  • LGNEOLGNEO Member Posts: 46
    edited June 3

    @LGNEO said:
    Would the service also consider adding the Honeywell Total Connect Comfort as a sensor? Please....

    Excuse the above, Honeywell TCC is already accessed by CC. I would like to see the Honeywell device FocusPro programmable thermostat added to the Honeywell devices.

  • cservicservi Member Posts: 26
    edited May 30

    Sonoff with its Ewelink app? But Shelly Cloud would be your killer application! There are many many people overe Europe utilizing those devices and still they have not IFTTT integration!

  • Asep_nurjamanAsep_nurjaman Member Posts: 1
    > @ConradConnect said:
    > Fixed discussion for new devices suggestions

  • LGNEOLGNEO Member Posts: 46
    Would also like to see all of LifX capabilities accessed such as the fade in fade out, breathe, Blink/flash, etc. in actuator.
  • Tom76Tom76 Member Posts: 22

    It would be perfect if you could connect the Somfy Tahoma Box and to provide the possibility to execute the Tahoma Scenarios.

  • Matterhorn51Matterhorn51 Member Posts: 1

    Homematic IP Weather Station incl rain

  • krookedkrooked Member Posts: 1

    Another vote for Ring Video Doorbells and cams, which I think are also available in Germany. Are there any plans to introduce a Conrad Connect app in the near future?

  • serge16serge16 Member Posts: 4

    Yes for Ring, a Leviton

  • AJ_I00FAJ_I00F Member Posts: 5

    I would like to see Nexx Garage and Sonoff supported.

  • ItsMeItsMe Member Posts: 7

    Please add support for Shelly devices. These devices are open source and well documented API description.

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